For Sale: Six Low-Spec Mobile Phones. Only £30,000!

Good news!

If you happen to a footballer, or you’ve just received your Christmas bonus from Goldman Sachs.

Vertu, the most extravagant phone manufacturer in the world, have released a box-set of their most exclusive models.vertu orange.jpg (This is a 2g not 3 mobile phone)

Vertu are famous for designing mobile phones with materials usually found on supercars – leather, fusions of ceramic and titanium, and sometimes 18 carat gold. Their website looks like its been designed by Aston Martin, and they say their handsets are “for individuals who only accept the best”. Or those who are completely bonkers.

vertu legends box set.jpgThe box-set comprises 6 models from their Ascent Racetrack Legend range, presented in a carbon-fibre display box. The Racetrack Legend range is an update of the regular Ascent range, only this time each phone has a depiction of a famous racing circuit etched onto its brushed aluminium rear and is finished with rubber “tyre-like” backing. Presumably for better grip.

What do racetracks have to do with mobile phones? God knows. What do Ferrari have to do with Gillette razors?

Only 51 are being made, but before you start camping out in the streets with all those people waiting for a Nintendo Wii, a note of caution. The box-set costs around £30,000 which is a lot of money for a set of phones that list among their specifications “alarm clock”, “calculator” and “predictive text”!

They are not smartphones, and are no more feature-packed than a basic Nokia 6233 for example, but owners do have access to the exclusive concierge service, where at the touch of a button they can call up a personal assistant to discreetly advise them which expensive restaurant to go to, or perhaps which hotel in Monte Carlo to book. I have a similar service on my phone but I have to press six buttons on mine. 118 118.

Please note: Dial-a-phone do not sell Vertu.

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