Android operating system

The perfect life companion for your life

The Perfect companion for your life

If you crave flexibility from your mobile operating system, Android offers the ultimate in stability and customisation to get you exactly where you want to be.

Android Operating System Key Features

  • Fully customisable homescreens
  • Google Play Store
  • Extend Google integration
  • Widespread availability
  • Open source for developers

Just the beginning

Once you begin your life with Android, the mobile aspect is just an introduction to a world of possibilities. Create a Google account and, not only gain access to a whole universe of content, but enjoy the integrated security of Google Mail and Google Drive, perfect for all your storage and communication needs.

And that’s not all; if multimedia is your thing there’s plenty of excitement to be had, including Google Movies and Books. But to keep your toes tapping the ultimate is Google Play Music All Access, the latest in audio streaming direct to your handset so you never miss a beat.

just the beginning

Endless possibilities

Endless possibilities

With thousands of apps for all tastes and personalities, you’re guaranteed to find something you’re into with Android. From the latest in cutting edge productivity to the biggest buzz game around, there’s always something new to check out.

And with such a vast array of hardware at your disposal, you can also be sure of finding your perfect partner. Available on 900 million devices, there’s a tablet, phablet and smartphone with your name on it, no matter what your preference.

Regular software updates mean you’ll never lose interest, either. Currently at Android Jelly Bean, new iterations are released regularly to guarantee your mobile experience is always fresh and always full of the latest innovations.

Your phone, your way

Thanks to endless customisation options, having your Android handset your way is as easy as one, two, three. With up to seven homescreens available you can ensure the most important things are just a few swipes away.

And, with a wide selection of app widgets, you can create shortcuts to your most used apps in no time. Simply drag and drop your chosen application to the homescreen, resize it and enjoy the seamless integration between you and your destination.

your phone, your way

Best Android Apps

Facebook Android App


Engage with friends and colleagues with the world’s most popular social media app. Share news, photos and updates while enjoying unlimited games and instant messaging.

Fifa 14 Anddroid App

Fifa 14

If you live, work and breath football, you shouldn’t have to get home to kick-off. EA Sports’ legendary game is now available for free on Android, delivering an authentic experience and spectacular level of detail.

Netflix Anddroid App


Catch up on your favourite TV and film with the world’s leading subscription service. With a huge and diverse catalogue of entertainment, you’ll never miss a show again.

Skype Anddroid App


Contact friends and family around the world for free with instant video or voice calls. Stay connected right from the palm of your hand.

Android OS Versions

Android KitKat


Android 4.4

Released October 2013, KitKat is a major overhaul of the Android software that aims to bring it to more people than ever before. Designed to work on even budget smartphones.

Android Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean

Android 4.3

Released in July 2012, Jelly Bean heralded a raft of dramatic improvements to the Android user experience, including a redesigned and streamlined interface and camera app enhancements.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.2

First released in October 2011 , Ice Cream Sandwich is the most recent version of the Android OS and can be used on both smartphones and tablets, offering the same functionality across both types of devices.